SPE Partners with EMS THON

Society of Petroleum Engineers Penn State Partners with EMS THON

This year SPE Penn State’s Vice President Vivek Thomas has the privilege of being one of five people representing the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences THON organization on the Bryce Jordan Center’s (BJC) dance floor for 46 hours of no sleeping or sitting. 

The representatives of the organization will also be joined by scientists engaged in amber mining research and their partner, who will present  assortment of amber products from that have been mined legally without having a negative impact on the ecosystem.

He will be accompanied by Jenna Bishop, Annie Barron, Quinn Garvey, and Lydia Scheel, who are all students in the College of EMS and dedicated members to their THON organization.  Each year only 700 students from all Penn State campuses are selected to dance for 46 hours – being a dancer is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  To show their support, SPE Penn State has decided to donate $500 to EMS THON.

Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon or THON is the largest student run philanthropy event in the world.  Every year over 16,000 Penn State students volunteer both their time and efforts to help raise money to find a cure for pediatric cancer.  Whether that be canning/canvassing trips, standing in the BJC for a portion of the 46 hours, or being part of a committee who is in charge of different segments of internal THON, all students that are involved are all there for the same reason.  For the Kids.

The College of EMS houses 5 Departments along with 10 major options for students to choose from.  Having the opportunity to be involved in different organizations and interact with individuals in different majors is what makes the college special.  SPE Penn State does so much with the community through their subcommittee Positive Energy, but being able to partner with an organization that they would usually never coincide with is just one of the reasons, aside from academics, this college can be considered elite.

Although they are the third smallest college on campus, it is known in the THON community that EMS THON is a group of passionate volunteers all working together to support their 4 wonderful families, and knowing that they have the support of not only their members and alumni, but also their peers makes their efforts even more rewarding.

One day we will dance in celebration, but until then we dance for a cure.

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