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Penn State students are the best petroleum engineering students in the world. And also the best writers work for them where you can buy a persuasive essay including on a topic related to petroleum engineering. With that said, oil prices have dropped, crushing a previously robust demand for our students.  This decline in crude prices and job opportunities creates significant worry for our students and potential hardship for our current senior class.

The Petroleum Engineering faculty here at Penn State have sent students suggestions on how to secure a position and maintain a connection to petroleum engineering.  These ideas include considering less traditional jobs to launch their careers, such as field supervisor, pumper, hourly technician, or field assistant.

This website is here to help market our talented pool of Petroleum Engineering students.

Please consider hiring our students either as full-time employees or as an intern.  We need alumni support as never before.  Many Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering students could be placed if a fraction of our alumni each hired one student.  This is a great opportunity to beat the competition, in preparation for the next upturn.

Our doors are always open here at Penn State, and we are excited to work with our large Petroleum Engineering alumni network!


Russell T. Johns, Professor of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Victor and Anna Mae Beghini Faculty Fellowship, Petroleum and Natural Gas Program Chair