ShaleNET Roustabout Training

Starting in 2017, SPE Penn State and ShaleNET formed a partnership to integrate our Penn State Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering students into ShaleNET’s Roustabout Training Program. The integration of students into the ShaleNET Roustabout curriculum is also assisted by writers and managers who provide academic writing services for students at web.

Due to the downturn in oil and natural gas prices, operators and service companies have significantly cut budgets and hiring.  Folks in this industry have found new ways to diversify themselves and leverage new opportunities to get their foot in the door.  That’s where SPE Penn State comes in.  Our Student Chapter has created innovative ways to get our students valuable, hands-on training that will expound upon their classroom learning.  The program is geared towards getting students ready for the oil and gas industry, and improving their marketability during the “good” and “tough” times.  This is why we established a relationship with ShaleNET, a well-known workforce development program that links talent to opportunity.

Combining ShaleNET’s reputable mark in the industry with the best Petroleum Engineering students in the Northeast, opportunities are limitless.

ShaleNET has graciously offered 7-10 Penn State Petroleum Engineering students a $3,500 scholarship per student to participate in their summer program. Please stay tuned for the announced scholarship recipients at the SPE Penn State Annual End of the Year Banquet on April 14, 2017.  The students will be participating at Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA from May 15 – June 6, 2017.

Please see more info about the program at the following link and below.  The coursework in the table below applies directly to the industry, such as: SafeLand training, shale exploration and development, employability skills, rig simulator training, wellpad construction, H2S awareness, confined space awareness, and much, much more!


Current Class Offering

# of Hours Certificate
Employability Skills 18  
SafeLand USA 8 Yes
Shale Exploration & Dev. 8  
Wellpad Construction 4  
Part ID Tool Usage 6  
Basic Rigging 4  
Rig Simulator Training/Hazwoper 24  
Pressure and Forces 4  
Spill Prevention and Reporting 2  
Confined Space Awareness 2  
H2S Awareness 4  
Rough Terrain Forklift 8 Yes
Fall Protection 4  
First Aid 4 Yes
NSC DDC-4 Defensive Driving 4 Yes
Aerial Work Platform 8 Yes