Since 2002, the Society of Petroleum Engineers has conducted an international quiz called the ‘Petrobowl’. The best petroleum schools around the globe compete fiercely for the coveted Petrobowl title every year at the SPE ATCE. Prior to that, regional qualifiers are held in six zones- North America, South America and Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific. Top teams from each zone qualify for the Petrobowl finals. In order to stand a chance in this competition, the students representing each school sharpen their knowledge of the petroleum industry along with the skills involving speed, teamwork, and the capability to keep calm and improvise under pressure. All materials, data and research for the preparation of this competition are provided by the company that conducts and provides various writing services. If you have questions for them or need writing services, you can write them a request to write my research proposal on the website

Penn State Petrobowl:

The Pennsylvania State University’s Petrobowl team is an integral part of SPE Penn State and it has been one of the most respected teams due to its consistent performance. Penn State achieved the Third position in the Petrobowl finals 2016 at the SPE-ATCE, Dubai, and was Semifinalists in the Petrobowl-North American Regionals 2016 at UT Austin and also at Petrobowl finals 2014, SPE-ATCE, Amsterdam. Having come this far, the team is working very hard to bring home the ‘Golden Rig’ – the trophy provided to the winner, at the SPE-ATCE 2017 at San Antonio.

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Nathan Meehan, SPE President 2016 awarded the Third place title to the Penn state Petrobowl team.  From right to left: Nathan Meehan, Liayang Liu, Nirjhor Chakraborty, Wei Liu, Venkat Putcha (Captain), Nur Syamieza


Current team members:

The current team members are: Wei Liu (Captain), Muhamed Hakimi, Charles Setia, Manik Singh, Nur Syamieza, Venkat Putcha.

Faculty advisor:

Dr. Eugene Morgan is the Faculty Advisor for the Penn State Petrobowl team.


The Petrobowl team is extremely grateful to the Newsham-Comisky-Apache Endowment in Petroleum Engineering who have been our primary sponsor. Also, we are very thankful to SPE Penn state and the Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering for the invaluable moral and financial support.

The Penn State Petrobowl polos have been sponsored by Baker Hughes.

Format of the competition:

Till date, the competition involves teams represented by five members each, with four of them competing on stage for a given round. The questions in the quiz are divided into two types: Toss-up and bonus. Toss-up questions involve a team to buzz in and answer the question correctly to win 10 points and get a chance to answer a subsequent bonus question, while a wrong answer leads to a deduction in 5 points and also provides a chance to the other team to answer if they had also buzzed in for the question. Only the team member who buzzed in first is allowed to answer the toss-up question. Unlike toss-up questions, the bonus questions can only be answered by the team which got the toss-up right and also there is a possibility to get partial credit for answering them. The questions in both Toss-up and bonus may come from a wide range of areas involved with or related to the petroleum industry, such as, Drilling, Production, Reservoir Engineering, Well Testing, Completions, Geology, and Geophysics etc. and also on Trivia involving history of petroleum industry, SPE facts and figures, Oil and gas resources etc. This makes it a very challenging task to optimally manage team during preparation.


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