EQT Webinar

SPE Penn State hosted a webinar in conjunction with Pittsburgh-based operator EQT, the fifth largest producer of natural gas in the United States.  We invited Petroleum Engineering schools in the Northeast to sit in (Marietta, WVU, PITT, and University of Kansas).  The other schools met in one centralized area and then tapped into the video conference.  The Pittsburgh Petroleum Section also joined in on the webinar.  A total of over 75 participants watched the presentation.

Register for the webinar:


  • David Schlosser – Senior Vice President and President, Exploration & Production at EQT Production
  • Erin Centofanti – SVP, Asset Development at EQT Production
  • David Elkin – SVP, Asset Optimization at EQT Production

All 3 of the speakers are proud Penn State grads!


We learned about the evolving Northeast oil and gas industry through EQT’s growth strategy and operational efficiencies in drilling, completions, water optimization, and production.  Students also learned about EQT’s growth through consolidation and innovation, which creates a competitive advantage for EQT in the Appalachian Basin.  The presentation was followed by a Q&A session.  

Students asked questions:

  • How is EQT using various mathematical models to reduce costs in their water operations?  Do they follow the model mostly, or do they also use a traditional approach? 
  • How is EQT partnering up with Carnegie Mellon University to use a computer model to optimize rig schedules?
  • Why does EQT co-develop the Marcellus and Upper Devonian formations?  How does this lower costs?
  • What are EQT’s plans moving forward for the deep dry Utica?  How are they using data from previously drilled wells to better understand the Utica?