Student Symposium

Thank you Chevron for sponsoring the 2016 Society of Petroleum Engineers Student Symposium in Houston, TX! Penn State gained valuable insight into the oil and gas industry.

“When things are going good, that’s not when your character is defined.  When things are struggling, that’s when your character’s truly defined.” -SPE President 2016, Dr. Nathan Meehan

The 5th annual SPE Student Symposium The theme of this year’s conference was “The Road to US Oil and Gas Independence.” The symposium focused on the challenges associated with successful unconventionals production and operations in the current price market.

The Student Symposium offered an assortment of opportunities, including:

  • Seminars and panels hosted by leading industry experts
  • Workshops to develop professional skills
  • Roundtables to provide a holistic view of the petroleum industry
  • Networking with industry professionals and other students