Become a High School Ambassador

Do you want to become an Ambassador for Penn State’s Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (PNGE) program?  We encourage you, as a student, to visit your local High School or any High School in Pennsylvania, and promote Penn State PNGE!
This is a great opportunity to build your leadership and presentation skills!
Please follow the simple instructions below:
  • Fill out the Google Form Below
  • Draft an Email (or call) to the High School’s Guidance Counselor, Principal, or a Teacher you have a close relationship with.  Explain that you would like to give a short talk/presentation about Penn State Petroleum Engineering.
  • Download the PowerPoint presentation to use below.
  • We will distribute Brochures that you can give out to the high schoolers!

PowerPoint Presentation – Click here to download

PDF Presentation – Click here to download