2017-2018 Officer Elections

It’s that time of year again – Election Season!

Running for a position this year will go as follows:

1. Enter your name for a position though the Google Doc.  Your name will be given a time slot for a short presentation on Speech Day so please only submit if you are absolutely sure!!  The last day to sign up is on March 15th at 5pm. You can only sign up for one position.

2. Prepare and deliver a speech and/or PowerPoint on Speech Day, March 20th, of why you’re awesome and why you want a position on the SPE cabinet.

3. Voting will be a paper ballot and take place on March 21st and 22nd.  Thus, you must attend one of the days to cast your vote.

4. If you are running for an elected position, you must email a headshot and bio of yourself to by March 15th at 5pm

5. Please note the electable positions below require speeches (which are located on one Google Form).  There is another seperate Google Form at the end of the email for Chair Positions, these do not require speeches, but require interviews.  I encourage some of the younger students (as well as the older students) to check out these Chair Positions; do not be intimidated.  I strongly believe in “leaving the ladder down” – this is how we advance.

Here is a short blurb of each position:

President – Often the face of the chapter to outside professionals, this person oversees all chapter operations. The president is in charge of running all meetings, as well as reaching out to sponsors and coordinating events. The president must work closely with the treasurer regarding all finances, organize the corporate events packet, preside over all networking and recruiting events, and make sure the chapter runs smoothly. The president is responsible for coming up with new, innovative ideas to advance the chapter.  This is a very time intensive position, but extremely rewarding.

Vice President – The VP oversees and manages the technical electives administered every semester. This is considered a time-intensive position and is extremely rewarding. Serving as a leader for SPE and performing the logistics for the technical electives will allow you to build personal relationships with professors and business executives.

Secretary – This individual is in charge of keeping track of minutes and track attendance of members during SPE meetings. The secretary sends out emails explaining upcoming events and will also be in charge of completing the SPE Student Chapter Annual Report along with the chapter president, which is evaluated by SPE International and will comprise of a detailed summary of all activities and events directed by the Student Chapter.

Treasurer – Oversees all the finances of the organization. The sole signatory for the University Club account, it is the responsibility of the treasurer to plan budgets and approve or reject funding for the event/cause. The treasurer is also responsible for most of the paperwork of the organization, as refunds and money transfer need documentation. The treasurer coordinates with the president, VP and events coordinator regarding usage of funds for events and classes.  You must have excellent organizational and communication skills.

Events Coordinator – As the Events Coordinator, the most important tasks throughout the year are organizing the annual golf outing and banquet. These events take large amounts of planning and should not be taken lightly. Events Coordinator is also responsible for overseeing and planning other events throughout the year such as the Eastern Regional Meeting, ATCE, rig/frac tours, the Student Symposium, etc. You will coordinate with the President and Treasurer on a daily basis.

Graduate Student Representative – Communicate concerns, needs and feedback from the graduate students within the chapter.  The Grad Class rep will also be responsible for organizing the annual Quiz Bowl Competition in conjunction with the PetroBowl Chair.

Junior Class Representative/Technical Chair – As Junior Class Rep you will help get the underclassmen involved by informing freshman and sophomores of the society, which can include going to freshman classes and getting the word out about SPE. Also, you will help organize events with other board members, and be an extra hand at times. You will be expected to be at SPE events and help with whatever needs to be done. As technical chair, you will also help with technical presentations and STEM events.

Follow this link and enter the race!

Here are additional Chair Positions within SPE that require Interviews:

Please note the following chair positions do not require speeches, but do require interviews with the current SPE Board.  The form below is due by Wednesday, March 15th at 5pm.  Interviews will be held after Spring Break.

SPE Student Symposium Chair: This chair position will be responsible for submitting a proposal to host/co-host the 2018 North America Student Symposium.  The proposal will be submitted to SPE International and is planned to be hosted in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.  You will be responsible for all logistics, finding a venue, finding speakers, etc.  You will interface with the President, Treasurer, and Events Coordinator on a daily basis.  You will meet and interact with many industry professionals.  You will be responsible for assembling a committee to attack the planning of the annual Student Symposium.  This is a time intensive position, but extremely rewarding and looks phenomenal on a resume.  Please visit to read up on the event.  Please help us bring this event to the Northeast!

SPE Ambassadorship Chair: This chair position will be responsible for developing, organizing, and coordinating our official ambassadorship program within SPE.  You will be responsible for contacting various PSU satellite campuses throughout the Commonwealth.  The purpose of the Ambassadorship program is to connect with Freshman and Sophomore PNG students at the branch campuses, so they already have a foot in the door before arriving at University Park.  A requirement for this position is that you must be a transfer student from a branch campus.

Positive Energy Chair: This chair position will be responsible for organizing all community service events.  You will be the face of Positive Energy and continue to develop our partnerships with Range Resources, BP, EQT, ClearWater Conservancy, PennDOT, etc.  You will organize all of our trips and seek out new partnerships.  You must be creative and have innovative ideas to bring to the table.  You will also be the “SPE Cares” representative for SPE International.  I highly encourage people involved with Positive Energy this year to sign up for this position.

Positive Energy Vice Chair: You will assist the Positive Energy Chair in any way possible.

Positive Projects Coordinator: Your main responsibility is to manage our partnership with ClearWater Conservancy.  We adopted a site out near Port Matilda, PA and maintain the site on a monthly basis.  You will be responsible for gathering volunteers and materials to maintain our riparian buffer system.  You will coordinate with Positive Energy Chair/Vice Chair on a daily basis.  This position requires you to get your hands dirty and be active outdoors.  This position also requires you to be available to travel to our site in May, June, July, and August (once per month) over the summer, as we must “upkeep” during the summer months in Port Matilda.

Follow this link if you are interested in a Chair Position!